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Faux Effects

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Faux Painting by Tamerlane: Interior & Exterior

Here are some of my faux painting projects...

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Dining room divider

Interior accent wall

Guest bed room

Squares on interior wall

Child's room

Master bath room column

Kitchen accent wall

Interior staircase wall

Guest bed room accent wall/ top faux

Kitchen wall texture & faux

Interior accent wall

Office accent wall

Master bed room column

Master bed room ceiling

Formal dining room/ bottom faux

Interior column

Kitchen niche


Exterior columns/ front facade

Pool deck columns

Interior columns

Living room accent wall

Living accent wall/ bottom

Exterior columns

Interior wall / Twist Hair Studio, Orlando, Fl.

Exterior fountain

Interior mezzanine wall

Interior half column

Entire home Exterior!

Interior built-in entertainment center & ceiling medallion